In a Holographic AR game, you can see yourself inside the game world and have fun interacting with different characters. You won’t need to use game controllers or wear special glasses/gauges. You can directly control the characters with your body movements and hand gestures. Holographic AR makes games a lot more fun and magical! In this camp, you will learn how to use 3D Holographic AR to create fun and interactive games. We will start with learning about 3D game design and computer animation, then you can apply what you have learned to create fascinating games. Join us for a fun and creative adventure!

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Camp Integem is a unique experience for K-12 students who love STEM, Art, Coding, AI, Design, Fashion, Animation, or Gaming to turn your imagination into cutting-edging designs. Teleport into your creation to experience the magic of your Holographic AR design and prepare you for future success, all the while having a lot of fun!