High Schoolers

3D Holographic AR Adventure
AGES: 14+

Description: Most of the designers and gamers nowadays prefer 3D animation as it is more attractive and brings about a more realistic experience. In this camp, you will engage in 3D Modeling and learn several techniques in creating, rendering, and finalizing designs. You will learn 3D plus Time (4D) concept via simple and fun hands on projects. After you learned how to build 4D concept in your mind, you will learn how to program 3D Holographic AR experience (in fact, it is 4D programming). You will engage in 3D Modeling and learn several techniques on creating, modifying, rendering, and finalizing designs. You will dive deeper into the design thinking process. Furthermore, you will learn how to incorporate 3D models/animations into your Holographic AR experience to make it more interesting and vivid. You are encouraged to further explore a career in 3D development that can pertain to Engineering, Science, and Design! Join us to experience an interactive, 3D Holographic AR world! 

In a Holographic AR game, you can see yourself inside the game world and have fun interacting with different characters. You won’t need to use game controllers or wear special glasses/gauges. You can directly control the characters with your body movements and hand gestures. Holographic AR makes games a lot more fun and magical! In this camp, you will learn how to use 3D Holographic AR to create fun and interactive games. We will start with learning about 3D game design and computer animation, then you can apply what you have learned to create fascinating games. Join us for a fun and creative adventure!

Digital Artist: Interactive Holographic AR Comic Creation
AGES: 14+
Description: Would you like to turn your own drawing/art into cartoon or comic movies like what Disney, Marvel, and DC Comics have done? With Holographic AR, you don’t need a million-dollar budget or a huge team of people to make it happen. Furthermore, you can make your cartoon/comic movie much more interactive and immersive in Holographic AR than in traditional cartoons/comic movies. In this camp, you can be the superhero of your own artwork, make your characters come alive, enable superhuman movement, or just simply have fun in your own world. You will learn intermediate level Holographic AR programing, Digital Art/Animation, design thinking, and how to do interesting, interactive storytelling. Most importantly, you will program and design your very first own 2D Holographic AR cartoons or interactive comics and make art/drawing alive. Join us to begin your journey as a digital artists and cartoon/comic movie creator! 

Adventurists: Holographic AR Adventure
AGES: 14+
Description: Would you like to travel the world or teleport into space in the blink of an eye? Would you like to interact with wonderful creatures anytime you want in any place you like? Would you like to build a whimsical world to play and relax in? You will learn about 2D Space plus Time (3D) concepts via simple and concrete hands on activities. In this camp, you will learn basic Holographic AR programming (2D plus time programming), basic design thinking, and basic digital animation. Furthermore, you will learn basic approaches to emotionally engage audiences and nurture empathy for your users. The most interesting part of this camp; you will program your very own Holographic AR adventure experience and start your innovation journey with Holographic AR!