Would you like to turn your own drawing/art into a cartoon-like what Disney, Marvel, and DC Comics have done? In this course, you will learn how to utilize Holographic AR to turn your art into interactive and immersive Holographic AR cartoons or comic movies. Jump into your favorite Fairy Tale World, become a hero and fight villains, cast magical spells, or just hang out with princesses/animal friends/wonderful creatures.

In this course, we will use hands-on fun activities to help you understand how digital animation works and how to create simple but effective digital effects in your design. You will learn about Holographic AR intermediate level programming, Design thinking (based on the Stanford Design School Curriculum), Digital Art/Animation, and how to create interesting, interactive stories with your own art pieces. The most fun part is that you will program your own very first Holographic AR cartoon. In addition, we have many fun indoor and outdoor activities. You will play, learn, and work together with others in this course encouraging collaboration.
Join us to begin your journey as a digital artist and cartoon/comic movie creator!