Would you like to venture into the deep sea to visit oceanic animal friends? Would you like to join the birds and fly up in the sky for a better view of the earth below? Or help save endangered species of animals? Apprentice Nature Explorers will enjoy this fun, educational, and nature-oriented Holographic AR programming course.

In this summer course, you will learn intermediate Holographic AR programming concepts and logic; fun facts about Natural Science and animal; and how to program Holographic AR for nature exploration. You will learn the basic Design Thinking process based on the Stanford Design School curriculum. You will program your own individual projects and see themselves inside to interact with their own nature exploration project! You can invite your friends to experience your nature exploration projects! In addition, we have many fun indoor and outdoor activities. You will play, learn, and work together with others in this course encouraging collaboration.

Join us on this fun-filled nature exploration journey!