Do you know that the fundamental algorithms behind Holographic AR is powered by Artificial Intelligence? AI is the brain of Holographic AR and Holographic AR is an intuitive, interactive, and immersive way to demonstrate the power of AI. What if you can program a Holographic AR world that can help people achieve their goals by understanding their thoughts and needs? In this camp, let’s dive into this developing field! By using Holographic AR data sets, probability, statistics and AI algorithms, you will learn how to make more intelligent Holographic AR projects that solves hard problems. Join us to start your AI journey!

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Camp Integem is a unique experience for K-12 students who love STEM, Art, Coding, AI, Design, Fashion, Animation, or Gaming to turn your imagination into cutting-edging designs. Teleport into your creation to experience the magic of your Holographic AR design and prepare you for future success, all the while having a lot of fun!